Flashed out..HTML5 in?

December 17, 2017 by Tunde A

The need to push for animation and content interactivity made Adobe Flash the leading player in the industry. HTML5 and related technologies has since continued to overtake the web and led to rich functionalities and capabilities taking interactive media to a whole new level.

I suppose this was the final nail in the Adobe Flash coffin and probably solidifies HTML5 as the now official replacement for Flash.

Adobe intend to phase out the Flash Player by 2020 and announced that the software for making Flash, Flash Professional CC wiil be renamed Animate CC. Adobe said it is changing the content Flash Develpers can make with the software and in the process, encouraging working with new web standards. Life goes on without 'Adobe Flash'.

What are PWA's?

November 23, 2017 by Simone

Progressive Web Apps are user experiences that have the reach of the web and reliable, fast and engaging. PWA's are currently not supported on iOS, and mobile browsers still don't support every API for accessing certain sensors and hardware features.