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African woman wearing batiks

Massassi-Batique is a London based company specialising in made to measure batiks. Their designs are delicately hand made by expert tailors who are based in West Africa.

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App development for mobile and tablet


HotelDirectNg is a mobile app used exclusively for booking top hotels in Nigeria. As Africa's largest economy, the need for foreign visitors, both business and pleasure to be able to book safe, secure and top quality hotels is key.

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Image of locks


Lockworth is Nigeria's main supplier of Abloy locks and locking systems to MTN, Africa's largest mobile network, providing security to all their sub-stations across the country.

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About us..

We just love to code.

A small but independent creative design agency based in London and Lagos, we meet our clients needs through intensive planning, code-heavy creativity and implementation of cutting edge technology.Our view of definite design and engaging communications is facilitated by the use of digital online platforms for web, desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

"By setting the trend for that ultimate user experience, we bring innovative ideas to life."



Digital design

The keyword is pixel perfection. With the web's continual evolution, we strive to push the boundaries and deliver pixel perfect work. We will provide integrated digital solutions for all your online requirements, be it for your brand or product.


3setmedia work hand in hand with our clients to develop their brands, create a branding blueprint and guide for effective web and application development. We understand that developing a solid brand is the most important tool in getting the attention of a consumer market saturated with fierce competition. 3setmedia will help you in developing a brand that will brand your product.


The use of mobile devices for web browsing is on the rise. It has now overtaken the use of desktops as the most popular way people go online. Mobile devices include smartphones such as the blackberry, the iPhone, android and tablets and it is absolutely essential that for your business, product or brand to grow, mobile technology is imperative. Let us help you make it happen.

Online campaigns

Getting your brand onto the global market not only provides global audience but worldwide exposure. Our dedicated campaign team will work with you to get your online campaign up and running.

Case Studies..

Massassi Batique is a London based company specialising in made to measure batiks.They seek to have a snowballing impact on the buying patterns of the multi cultural communities throughout the UK. Through great online presence, partnered with the viral effect of our marketing, we aim to have growing sales and membership.


Lockworth is Nigeria's top provider of secure door opening and locking functionalities to homes, offices, warehousing, business premises and industries. In partnership with Abloy, their products are used by MTN, DHL and Etisalat. Lockworth were looking to develop a site that was user friendly, adaptive, modern in design and feel and impactful in terms of what the company portrays.


Alegol is a UK based digital entertainment online store.3setmedia worked with Alegol to give their online identity a creative and consistent look and feel across all their platforms to elevate their brand identity and keep them competitive.


Hoteldirectng is Nigeria's first cross platform mobile app for booking hotel rooms.With the changing nature of the tide and Africa's new vision, HotelDirectNg is a click-a-room app for securing rooms, chalets and suites in Nigeria's top hotels, hassle-free.You book your room, submit your preference and app does the rest.


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